The Importance of Rehabilitation for Horses

When a horse sustains an injury, as an owner, you want to support your horse as best as possible. A successful rehabilitation process depends on many different factors. In this blog, we will discuss managing an effective rehabilitation trajectory for horses and the tools that can be utilized.

Hoof Growth and Hoof Problems

Healthy hooves are the foundation of a healthy horse, as a horse spends almost all day on them! Hooves not only bear the entire weight of the horse but also play a crucial role in the mobility and well-being of the horse. The hooves of healthy horses grow an average of six to nine millimeters per [...]

Tendon injuries in horses

Tendon injuries are a common problem within the equine world, involving an unpleasant injury to the horse's leg. A tendon injury affects your horse's well-being. In this blog, we will describe the various causes of tendon injuries and describe the different rehabilitation options available.

Safe Use of the MK Horsepower Plate

The MK Horsepower Plate is a valuable tool that can be used both preventively and to support the rehabilitation of injuries in horses. Safety is, of course, very important when using the MK Horsepower Plate. In this blog, we provide tips for the safe use of the MK Horsepower Plate.

What does a MK Horsepower Plate do for a healthy horse?

As a horse owner, you naturally want the best for your horse. You are looking for ways to keep your healthy horse fit and healthy, while also ensuring the best possible horse welfare. The MK Horsepower Plate is an innovative product, through the use of this product with a healthy horse you work on [...]

Improving the Health of Horses Made Easy

How do you keep a horse healthy and fit? There are many ways to achieve this. When your horse's health is not in order, the horse will not function properly. You will notice this through various physical complaints and behaviors. In this blog, we explain what to look out for.

Maintaining your Horse Walker: Tips & Advice

A horse exercise machine is an investment and it's essential to protect this investment through regular maintenance. The maintenance of your horse walker can extend the life of the device and reduce the chance of malfunctions.

Why the horse walker floor is the most underrated component

The horse walker floor is an essential part of a horse walker. But what should you pay attention to when choosing the right floor? The horse walker floor is the surface on which the horses walk and is therefore crucial for the safety and comfort of the horses. In this article, we delve deeper into [...]

How do you determine the size of your horse walker?

A horse walker is a useful tool for horse owners who want their horses to get some exercise when they themselves don't have the opportunity to provide it. A horse walker has a circular shape in which the horses can walk or trot. But how do you determine the right size for a horse walker?

Choosing the Right Horse Walker that Suits You - Common Choices

When buying a horse walker, there are many possibilities. This is nice, but it can also raise questions. From our experience, we can help you with common questions. Below, you will find exactly what to look out for when buying a horse walker. Any questions after reading? Feel free to contact us!

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